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Proud to be serving our community since 2002!

Summit Incorporated is currently THE largest Metal and Material Recycling yard in Northwest Indiana at 37.4 Acres of land.  Not only do we receive a great volume of different Metals, we also process them in house with the ONLY Industrial Auto & Metal Shredder in NW Indiana.

What does this mean for "You"?

Well... That means that we cut out the "Middle-Man", allowing us to pay the best prices for your Vehicles, Appliances and much more.  To us, that seems like a GREAT deal for you, the Customer.

First of all, we purchase that material from you (The Customer).  Once the transaction is complete, we take that material to a station depending on the type of materials.  This material is then broken down into the smallest portions possible and processed based on the type of metal or material it then is either sent via In-House Tractor/Trailers to Recycling and Re-claimer Services.

All of our Iron and Steel is sent to Local Mills here in NW IN. They then melt and recycle that shredded metal into new metal coils. Those coils are then shipped to other Product Manufacturers all over the United States.  Copper and Lead are sent out to be reused in many products such as Batteries and/or Electronics. Plastics and Rubber are sent out for Recycling and Re-claimer Services.  

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